My name is Eugene Glushaev, on the a way – JackinWay. I’m a Traveler.

For more than 5 years Travel has been a special place in my life. It all started with walking tours around Russia and near abroad, and then hitchhiking came to my life. At the moment, I have trampled on my sneakers by such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Nepal.

This year I started running. From March 31 to July 3, I ran 4050 km along the eastern part of Russia, from Vladivostok to Baikalsk. If you divide the past way equally for each day, you will get an average of 43km / day, 96 marathons for 94 days and it’s just 6-7 months of training from scratch!

Now I want to combine traveling and running in the RuninWay Project. Its essence is to go on a journey to interesting places by Run and together locals people. I plan to travel to countries and cities by hitchhiking, than stop at the home local or in my tent, and, of course, make video for my channel on YouTube – Inway.


Project INWAY

INWAY is the project of Evgeny Glushaev / Jackinway. This is the base for collecting the most diverse information for independent travel. Stories, Photo and video from travels and hikes, lifehacks, thoughts and advice for hiking travelers.

The project is created to make life easier for novice travelers and to share travel materials

The project is created for beginners and experienced travelers, as well as for lovers of beautiful stories from around the world.

Beginners will find here a lot of tips, about how and where to start, to get the first experience, without leaving home, to avoid unnecessary problems at the start. Experienced travelers can share their experiences with young people, and also be inspired by new travel and achievements. And, of course, lovers of beautiful stories from around the world can enjoy the original stories of our travelers

The project is actively developing both in terms of functionality and content. Now the main task is to give a full opportunity to share materials from travel with all comers, and also to fill the site with fresh stories.

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