India. Kashmir. Hitchhiker’s Guide to Little Tibet

With this post I conclude a series about Kashmir. Many of them are made on the move, in passing wagons or from the back of a motorcycle.

The route is especially interesting for those who want to ride their two-wheeled horse through picturesque places without serious extreme. However, you can always turn off the main path and find yourself adventure

The place is quiet and calm. Unlike the capital of Kashmir, there are no crowds or rallies in support of the Indian or Pakistani forces.

Layered for millions of years, and then hello another plate and everything turned 90 degrees.

But here you can always meet hundreds of motorcycle enthusiasts who went on a little travel. These are mainly Indians. Many have a dream to get to these places, but very few people really succeed. Most Hindus simply do not have the opportunity, the means, or the time.

In small villages on the way to Leh, you can find recreation centers. From entertainment, hiking in the mountains, horseback riding, riding on different equipment or picnics in a picturesque place.

Small Tibet. It’s not so easy to get into the big one, but it is also necessary someday

A small piece of mountains. The good old tradition of placing such stones discreetly at the halt is still preserved!)

When asked about dogs on the way in India I throw off this photo. If they want to bite you, then you are out of luck, even if you are with a stick, a shocker, a spray can or whatever. But this does not mean that it is useless to take them with you.

Traffic jams happen. Mainly due to landslides closer to the passes. It’s okay in the mountains. You can take a camera, sit down for a snack or chat with other travelers. Well, it is desirable to look up more often, anything can fly in.

I missed these picturesque places, and with this global cold, when it will now be possible to go there .. This time you can already on your bike or arrange a mega race, how the cards will fall there

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