India. Hitchhiking and with lists. Part 2. Delhi

Light breakfast and go to town.

Another trip around the city begins with throwing tea and a snack into a small backpack, marking interesting places on the map and, most importantly, where you stopped, and off you go!Many courtyards in Delhi have cricket courts! But even where they are not, the guys play right on the streets and in the alleys. This is the most popular game in the country and be ready to hear the questions “Who do you support?”, “How not in your country”, “what then do you play?”

In the courtyard of the house, children and their parents play Cricket, the most popular game throughout India. A legacy from the British.

Also in the yard you can find different types of transport, but much less than ours! Residents walk more or use the metro.

Cool jeep, here on this one would cut across Africa!

The alleys are fascinating! It’s nice to walk through them and find out what is where it ends. Sometimes it is a fork, exit to a large street, or just a dead end. You can wander around such places for a very long time, especially if you are looking for an address.

 Typical Indian Lane


Small business is flourishing in the country, as in Asia as a whole. Here is an example of stalls with drinks. There are a lot of them along the way.

Drinks are made of this. Tastes like Harry Potter candy, how lucky ..

It is also very popular to be a rickshaw. Those who are richer have motorized carriages, while others need to pedal. Only once or twice I used the services of Pedicabs when I needed to find an address. In a carriage, you feel like a slave owner, a poor man should pull such a load and get a penny, in fact. And it’s not pleasant for you, and slowly, and the rickshaw won’t make much of it.

Rickshaw people are daring, they try to hook every client, and even more so a foreign one. However, it does not prevent them from calling prices dozens of times higher than normal)

At the same time, the guys are ready to carry not only passengers, but also large loads.


The poverty of the inhabitants and the indifference of the state oppresses

Almost under every bridge, the place is not empty and is occupied by the poor, who have lived like this for generations.

Fruit markets can surprise! Sellers use all their charisma!))
In addition, in specialized markets you can often find prices several times lower than street prices, and goods of better quality.

Conflicting feelings)

Like ours))) “Take a melon! Sweet as the first Love! “

 love to be photographed!)


Not all attractions are accessible, especially for free and after closing! But you can find something no less interesting!

I never got inside, it was too late

For example, many of Delhi’s attractions are located in parks or very close!

Parks are more comfortable than city streets and hundreds of times quieter.

And in the evening here you can look at the stars!

 You can go to this temple and wander around it, you can get to an interesting service

By the evening, parks gather many onlookers and those who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the day

When, with the onset of evening, life in the city comes to life, you can walk through the hottest places or just wander around the markets, observing the life of local residents.

In the markets, life only comes alive with the arrival of darkness. During the day everyone is busy with other things.

it is better to find out prices not from sellers and generally use the help of unselfish people


Already quite late in the evening, when I got to the list, there were tents in the yard and music was playing. It became very curious and I went inside. The head of the family met me and offered to take part in a little Indian wedding. Even though I looked a little rumpled during a long day and not the most festive clothes! :)))

On the way to the registration I heard the music, found its source and was invited to the wedding.

 Such a beautiful family!)

Dance songs! Everything is as it should be!)

Returning to the registration, he shared what he saw with Vidhi for a long time, and he showed how to properly stand on his hands and head. I even succeeded a little.

The next day, several truly Indian views were revealed to the camera.

This is not anywhere, but right behind the fence from the usual road in the city! It is surprising that this picture is not at all uncommon!

Well, of course, not counting the crows riding a pig!

Oops! who is home?)

 And this is already in the park. So they live

There were even three very creepy photos, maybe for the locals this is normal.

Here and an adult can lay bricks from such comrades.

uh, yeah … and hanged children for nothing

and even so…. You won’t see this in travel magazines

In one of the parks we agreed to meet a couple of our Russian girls who have been hitchhiking for over a year! But more about them later, but for now only a few photos of the park, in anticipation of the rainy season.

Climbed into another park

Even there is a jungle and adventure feeling

pulled at strange angles)

Bamboo looks great)

In the park, we met and even a decision was made for me to change my list a little and go to a guy named Mark. Several funny stories begin at once from meeting Mark, for example the story of how I spent 5 days in the police station in the town of Batinda. But more on that later)

View of Delhi from the roof of my second entry, Mark’s house. Sleeping areas.
I’ll tell you a little about the company that gathered under this roof.
Mark is German by birth, but has been living in India for about 15 years and hosting many travelers from different countries, including Russia.
Valya and Evgenia are two Russian hitchhikers who have been traveling in Asia for over a year at that time. Puzzle Of the World project.
An Italian traveler whose name I no longer remember, traveling with girls.
Well, actually I, just starting my new journey.

Slums right across the street

We spent the day planning. It was necessary to understand who wants to see what in the country and where to go. And in the evening, another trip to the street market in search of amazing things!

Trinkets to which the eye is drawn

simple and inexpensive, but they look impressive

And why are these expensive diamonds needed)

 Well, what about without street food! Damn unsanitary conditions, but I just want to eat some nasty stuff)

you won’t see this here)

Sweet ?

With sweet nishtyaks in India, everything is in order! Need to try!

As a result of planning, we split into two teams. I am with Valya, Zhenya is with an Italian Traveler, and we were to meet in Rishikesh, where we hitchhiked …

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