Running and trekking in Turkey during the 2020 pandemic. Part 3. Ruins, beaches and a mountain of fire

The morning was no less beautiful than the night. There is a pleasure in getting up at dawn! Enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and hit the road early – it’s great! The trail here goes along the sea, there are no elevation changes and you can run a little!

The bulk of the monuments of ancient architecture – the ruins of cities – are located by the sea. I think there are always crowds of tourists here, but not this year. I was met here only by a well-fed cat. Below I have collected the ruins that I met along the path, so as not to return to them.

Along the coast, the trail now and then leads to the beaches, rocky and sandy. Sometimes you need to cross the rocks, and in some places to get around the fence. It seems that some individuals are trying to disassemble part of the trail into private territory and restrict access to it. I hope that this is still not the case, and it will not be necessary to make a detour in some places.

На одном участке тропа уже проходит по территории пятизвёздочного отеля с собственным зоопарком. Животные в вольерах и просто гуляющие вдоль дороги, очень интересно пройти мимо, пока это возможно. Пока пробегал, меня не покидало чувство, что я сошёл с тропы и сейчас придётся, либо возвращаться либо лезть через забор.

Ниже оставлю несколько фотографий на заливы мимо которых я проходил. Они чудесны, вода так и манит искупаться!

По пути в городах и посёлках или просто вдоль тропы попадаются апельсиновые деревья и сады. Чаще всего те деревья что доступны путнику – декоративные и апельсины на них имеют очень кислый вкус. Со временем учишься отличать их по одному внешнему виду, например, декоративные более грубые на вид и больше пахнут как лимон, чем апельсин.

Одну достопримечательность я чуть было не пропустил – гора Химера. На склоне горы в нескольких местах выходит природный газ и самопроизвольно возгорается. Так горит он уже века и это одно из удивительнейших зрелищ. Я даже заночевал на этой горе, чуть вдали от огней. Ночью их хорошо видно, а вот днём нет. Можно идти и не заметить, что идёшь по огню. Есть специфический запах, как у зажигалок zippo, но только если специально обращать внимание. Место немного опасное и лучше тут быть особо внимательными.

На тропе я встретил русских, которые на время пандемии осели в небольшом посёлке. Они пригласили меня в гости, напоили чаем, угостили апельсинами и рассказали о том как им тут живётся. Они арендовали коттедж на семью всего тысяч за 10 рублей в месяц при этом в шаге от моря и посреди апельсинового сада, где хозяин сразу сказал, что по апельсинам полный безлимит! + наличие интернета. Тут мне захотелось остаться, чтобы переждать до открытия границ. Было непросто себя уговорить двигаться дальше.

After running along the coast, for the first and last time I ran into a really closed fence, and on the gate there is a sign about the closure of attractions during the quarantine. The problem was that the path itself was blocked. At my own peril and risk, I climbed the fence and almost immediately paid for it. I ran into a snake. She rustled under my feet from under the stones and it was so unexpected that I just fell off the stone, fell and tore the cape on my backpack, and the day did not go well with her. And he didn’t even have time to consider the snake, poisonous or not. Not the best meeting on a trail closed to the public and almost no people along the way.

A little later, the trail led to the pass, where there is a bearable road from the village below. A place with a great view. Motorcycle enthusiasts decided to gather here, who also invited me to get acquainted, and here I met the first tourist on the route besides me. He walked from the opposite side of the route and had already been on the trail for over 20 days. He was in no hurry, and his equipment was more serious and voluminous than mine.

From the pass I ran down as a hog. This is fun for thrill-seekers. There is just a narrow path between stones and roots along which I developed considerable speed. But there were no views on the way down, except for a stone the size of a five-story building, so I quickly went down to sea level.

It’s funny, you can’t see the sea yet, there are mountains around you and boats are right there, as if their ships were thrown by a strong storm. And then, after a couple of turns, the desired sea appears. There was also a coastal town, but the shops were already closed. I arrived late. Probably, I would have remained without dinner, if not for the locals. A little man with his family drove past me and asked about what I was flying here and how they could help me. In the end, they found where to get groceries, caught up with me while I was walking along the beach, handed me groceries and refused to take money from me, wishing me well.

To spend the night, I had to get away from the village so as not to bother the local police, who were already glancing at me a little when I passed by. The trail is closed, there is no transport, there is also no one on the trail, what to do with a single tourist is not clear. For me the problems were spoiled weather and something more serious. Locals warned that it was not safe to walk alone, wild boars were running around the area, and they would not be very scared of one person. As a result, I did not meet the boars, but the land was completely dug up by these comrades and they plowed the land quite shortly before my arrival.

It was again scarce with firewood for the night. However, if I had stopped earlier, at a less convenient and level place, then this would not have been a problem, but the chance of meeting wild boars would have been higher. One of the advantages of the place I occupied was that there were no trees above the tent and the wind could not bring down one of them on me, thus completing my modest journey.

Until it got dark, I looked in the area for what can be ignited at all. Finding something suitable was really not easy. There were deciduous bushes and a lot of grass around, you can’t make a normal fire out of this. A bonfire in nature is +10 to comfort and a little more to safety. Although I went away from the lands dug by hogs, but reinsurance would not hurt me. As a result, with a flashlight through the bushes, I nevertheless collected firewood for a small fire and, after an hour of sticking in the phone, I peacefully plunged into a tent before a new running day … And then footsteps were heard … yes, no, everything was calm until the very in the morning.

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