Running and trekking in Turkey during the 2020 pandemic. Part 6. Chilling completion!

The Lycian path was passed, but in my head there is a mess of what to do next. With this attitude, a new morning began. The muscles managed to relax well during the night, which I would not say about the head. Sometimes it is useful to make difficult decisions quickly and unconditionally so that you can immediately reach your goals and not think about the opportunities left behind. I can’t do that, over and over again I have to confirm the chosen path and look back all the time until it is too late to turn.

My chosen path lay to the North. On the very first day, it was necessary to gain a significant height from almost 0 meters to 1000 and descend so as not to get too cold at night.

Running was not an option. I have not yet really moved away from the day along the rocky path, where I overloaded the stabilizer muscles, and running uphill with this is more than unwise.

The day dragged on like chewing gum from the refrigerator. The weather was also consistent: damp and fresh. The forecast did not disappoint, and the rains followed me. The clouds hid all the beauty behind them and there is little that was able to somehow photograph. But walking was brisk, conquering slides under the sun – it can be a whole test.

Passing a small farm, I noticed people drinking tea, and they noticed me and very convincingly invited me to join. By that time, it was almost lunchtime on the clock, and the store was still 10 km away, so I joined them and had a little snack. On the one hand, it’s nice that you are invited to visit and it is not convenient to refuse, on the other hand, you need to keep your distance so as not to get infected and not infect. Rather, not even infect, because pneumonia is not as scary to me as to the elderly.

We communicated through an interpreter, because here, away from tourist places, everyone speaks only Turkish, and I don’t know it. Now technologies allow a lot and they are constantly developing! The conversation has become common: who, where and where? But also with new notes “aren’t you afraid? The virus is everywhere. ” Interesting time!

At the pass, I broke through the cloud. At the same time I went out to him late and was afraid not to have time to go down below before it gets dark. There were many organized camping sites at the top, but they did not suit me all, simply because it was going to get terribly cold at night and damp due to low clouds and probable precipitation.

Сразу за перевалом мне стало легче, ведь туда облака ещё не добрались, и была видна полоска голубого неба. Всё же лучше было спешить и спускаться ниже на сколько это возможно. Чем ниже, тем теплее ночью. Машины в обе стороны ходили крайне редко, не чаще одной в час. На автостоп можно было не рассчитывать.

Я уткнулся в пост перегородивший дорогу. Похоже, что там находилась граница между областями и у водителей проверяли разрешение на проезд в другую область. Меня полицейский заметил сразу же, но останавливать или расспрашивать не стал. А ведь могло получится так, что меня развернули бы прямо здесь и всё сложилось по другому. Пост был пройден.

Буквально в 500 метрах от него у дороги был старый дом. По нему видно было, что он заброшен, ну или то, что люди там не живут. На первом этаже когда то была кухня, но к моему приходу там были только голые стены и пара розеток, рабочих розеток!

К тому времени успело стемнеть.Я решил кинуть палатку прямо там, на первом этаже. И крыша над головой от дождя, и стены от ветра и даже возможность зарядить технику! Ночевать в доме с забитыми дверьми жутко, не советую! Это была прохладная и тревожная ночь.

С рассветом, не дожидаясь хозяев и соседей, я покинул ночной приют. Чем дальше я шёл и бежал, тем лучше становилась погода, и тем приветливей казалось моё окружение. Серый краски ушли, а солнце разогнало остатки ночного холода.

Вокруг меня шла настоящая весна! Свежий ветерок гнал облака, яркое солнце игриво скрывалось за облаками и появлялось вновь, неся с собой тепло. Вдоль дороги сады с цветущими деревьями, и маячившие на горизонте вершины гор.

Время от времени меня нагонял и дождь с градом, но они исчезали так же быстро как и появлялись. Не давали мне слишком расслабиться и загоняли меня то под деревья, то на остановки. А вот гроза на перевале заставила отложить кирпичей. У меня же две алюминиевые антенны с собой, специально, чтобы ловить молнии. Мог бы получится оригинальный способ зарядить технику трекинговыми палками и хорошо, что такая возможность со мной не случилась.

Ночевки становились всё холоднее. Я очень надеялся успеть дойти до похолодания до Денизли, а там можно было бы найти хостел и остановиться там в тепле на несколько дней. От туда радиалкой сходить на Памуккале и дальше двинуть в тепло к морю.

50 km from Denizle, I came across a police post, which flatly refused to let me go further. By this time, I had already passed several posts and once I was stopped by the police asking who I was, where I came from and where. After listening to me, they obviously did not know what to do with me. They reminded me of the importance of distancing, that it is not safe here, and that it would be nice to fly home. It’s a pity that they didn’t tell me how to overcome the closed borders. And at the post they stopped people with machine guns and said go and say where you came from. You won’t get through here and so on. And here it was hard to disagree. I could get around them, but there were posts in every village, on all roads. The challenge itself is interesting, but the game is not worth the candle! I decided that I didn’t need such an adventure and took the advice of people with guns.

To my bad luck, it was late evening. Severe rain clouds came along with the departure of the sun. I was already stomping back when the clouds caught up with me. As in training, I assembled the tent in two minutes, threw my things there and strengthened the structure with a couple of cobblestones the size of a good watermelon. It was one of the coldest nights in Turkey. The tradition of freezing ass in Turkey has been followed! Judging by the forecast in my area, the temperature dropped to -3. Asleep, I was wearing everything that was possible.

Even at night I decided to get out of here by the fastest way available to me – by hitchhiking. It was immediately clear that all the hospitality of the Turks would not help me cheerfully stop my cars during a virus pandemic, but the alternative was to stomp 4-5 days on foot to Antalya, all along the same mountains, and most importantly with the same unforgettable nights in a tent.

The eyes are afraid, and the hands are out of … And the hands stop cars! At the same time, the legs stomp, so that in any case they do not stand still and somehow do the prescribed kilometers. During the day I walked 20 kilometers and they gave me a ride about 6-7 times, most often to the next settlement, at best a few kilometers.

It could have gone on for a long time and cheerfully if in the evening I had not rested where? Of course, to the police post, one of those that did not let me into Denizli. The police tied me up and took me to the station. Not! It wasn’t like that.

Of course I was stopped. We tried to ask standard questions through the translator and give useless advice. This is how it would have ended if it weren’t for the police boy who knew English. Knowingly fucking from my trip, he said that he would help and did not lie, devil!

After 15-20 minutes, the guys stopped a small truck. The guy talked to the driver, called me over and said that my carriage was served. He said that there would be several posts along the road, but they shouldn’t stop us, and in which case the driver would settle everything. And most importantly – the car to Antalya itself! 150 km along mountain roads, or 3 hours and you are by the sea! I thanked my friend for everything, threw the bag into the car and in a moment we were already racing at full speed to the sea!

The driver could not speak English at all, but he knew Russian very modestly, because he was married to a Russian lady. He turned out to be the owner of one of the hotels in Antalya. He did not invite him to visit, but he called the hotel where I was staying before going out on the trail and they dropped the price tag for a room up to 200 rubles per night! So the issue of spending the night in the city by the sea was immediately resolved.

We arrived in Antalya at 10 pm. The city has changed since the start of my race along the Lycian path. Of the most noticeable – they closed the entire embankment, wrapping everything with protective tape. Many catering establishments were also closed. But the main thing is that it was 22 warm in Antalya at night and it was great after several nights!

I was awaited by the first inept curfew and two weeks visiting friends of Ilya and Anna in Alanya, for which many thanks to them! And then a flight to the Motherland, quarantine and a lot of running in Kirov!

From such a trip it turned out! I leave the results and conclusions for myself, and you make your own. Thank you all and see you on the way!

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