Nepal. Trek around Annapurna. Part 3. Gaining altitude!

The night in the tent in the village was calm. No rain, no intruders. It is an interesting sensation to lie somewhere in the Himalayan mountains in a small village in a tent. It is a great time to reflect on the past and the future, and with the coming of the morning the present comes and it is time to continue on the road.

While I was waiting for the opening of the stall to pick up the charging equipment, I organized myself a light breakfast. Tea, cookies and coconuts. They are perfectly absorbed and set up for the road.

On this day, the rocks along the road became steeper, in every sense. There was something to see! And so that a stone does not hit your head, you constantly lift your head up to assess the situation.

The villages were less and less frequent. The higher the places, the more severe and it is not easy to live here. In winter, the road is covered, food cannot be obtained, and this is not to mention the constant danger of landslides and high water.

The local flora amuses stupid tourists like me. All the same, in the homeland one cannot find so many bushes of Marya Ivanovna, but here she gets in the way. Tourists sort it out for souvenirs, while the locals have their own choice. This is not legally encouraged, but few people care about it. There is not much variety of entertainment in these places, so people indulge in such things.

I spanked in simple Chinese sneakers. By the way, it is quite convenient when it is dry and there is a bearable road. My trekking boots were in my backpack, and I was in no hurry to get them out. It’s hot to go in them. I planned to change shoes in rainy weather or already above the snow level.

In the evening, the rain came to hint that it was time to change shoes and dig out a jacket in a backpack. I almost managed to reach the village, but the rain was faster than me. I was ready for the changeable weather, but I didn’t want to walk in the rain once again.

My Hong Kong friend, whom I met on the way, stopped in a pink loggia. She was closest to the entrance to the village and he did not bother with choosing a place. I don’t know about the prices, but there were no outlets in the rooms at all, and the owner refused to put the equipment on charge for free, but let him put up a tent under the roof. Overall, it turned out to be a good option!

In the morning, the sky cleared up, so much so that the first snow-capped peaks opened to our eyes. Last day, they looked more like a mirage, and in the evening they were completely hidden behind rain clouds. In the rain, you don’t even look at what is in the distance, mainly at your feet, so as not to fall into a puddle and not slip.

In an incredibly beautiful green valley, I met tourists from Spain and Israel. The guys treated him to delicious coffee and made a couple of jokes for Putin. They also made good use of my hefty backpack. After that I beat someone up for a push-up bet. We have nowhere to put our strength here!)

In a small village, I found a shop where you could buy gasoline. It was not that easy, because you are unlikely to look for gas in the atelier. The shop sold fabrics, threads, sewed clothes to order and sold gasoline. I needed it for the burner to cook food. I didn’t want to risk it and filled the second 750 ml can. One bottle was enough for me for 13-15 food preparations. Ahead were the passes and the village of Manang, which might not have been gasoline. Here it is better to overdo it than to miss it!))

My Hong Kong new friend caught up with me. Apparently, I drank teas for a long time and looked for gasoline. It became more interesting to walk together, because you can ask and talk about a lot. For example, about China. Hong Kong seems to be a part of China, but not quite. The city is a state with its own laws and regulations, much freer than mainland China. Hong Kongers may well travel alone, but the Chinese from the mainland almost always take tours, a guide, and travel in a group, fearing to move away from each other by an extra 100 meters.

By the evening the weather began to deteriorate again. Joyful sunny landscapes were replaced by severe rainy ones. A funny transformation – within an hour from summer you find yourself in a cold autumn. One and the same place here you want to go several times, they look so different! I would definitely not call this route a one-off, it’s worth coming back here! And to turn away from the route is where or even on the other side to start.

This time I spent the night at the abandoned loggia once again in a tent. It is still more comfortable to sleep and cook under a canopy, there is no need to dry the tent, besides, there was a good rainstorm at night. Then I did not even imagine that I would wake up no longer in a rainy, but in a snow-covered village.

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