I am a Traveler who is passionate about running. I have been traveling for over 6 years, but I started running relatively recently. A one-time project, it turned into something more and was reborn into a whole direction of my activity.

A bit of history

In 2016, when I was traveling in India and Nepal, I had the idea to test my strength. By that time, I had already traveled in many countries, climbed several mountains and visited conditions that were not the easiest for the body. And so, I got to the Everest base camp from Jiri in the rainy season with a full backpack, and even in such a short time – 7 days. Then I wondered if I could do something really amazing. This amazing test in my life was chosen to run across all of Russia. The idea itself was impressive, even to seasoned runners who have been running for many years. I must say that I was never able to realize it, having completed only a third of the distance of 4000 km in 3 months, and even then I got off for technical reasons. But even this achievement can be repeated only by a few.

Мои тренировки в STRAVA:

Running as a hobby and more

Running has become for me just like traveling – a hobby, a hobby, but not only. Running is an interesting tool for self-development: on the one hand, you not only keep yourself in shape, but also develop your physical data – speed, general and special endurance, increase immunity, on the other hand, running is a powerful tool for self-discipline and a special time for thinking about everything. Do not forget that running is a means of transportation. You can run long enough distances, run into remote and inaccessible places, which are almost impossible to reach by car, motorcycle or bicycle. At the same time, you can enjoy, photograph and film the beauty around. The result of your efforts will be both the journey itself and the personal achievement that you were able to overcome yourself and all the obstacles on the way using your own strength.

Now running complements my travels, makes them more interesting and useful, there are still many countries ahead, amazing paths, paths and roads that are worth going through, see with your own eyes and feel under your feet.