Nepal. Trek around Annapurna. Part 4. Near Manang.

The morning snow disappeared as quickly as it appeared. While I was running around the village for water and preparing breakfast, the beautiful white powder turned into a gray damp mass, and after half an hour’s journey it completely disappeared … Read More


I have been in Tourism and Travel since 2010. Hitchhiked over 120,000 km, including the first international trip to Indonesia and back. In the piggy bank there are about 20 countries, and in some I have already visited several times, … Read More

2015 June-August. Hike to Crimea and Krasnodar

Introduction The summer of 2015 was not easy. I didn’t have much money to go on a new international trip, and I had to write many articles about traveling in Asia. It takes a lot of time. I’m new to this and that’s … Read More