I have been in Tourism and Travel since 2010. Hitchhiked over 120,000 km, including the first international trip to Indonesia and back. In the piggy bank there are about 20 countries, and in some I have already visited several times, and even lived and worked in China for a year. I have mastered several low peaks and hiking routes of varying difficulty, so far without climbing equipment. Recently I added a trip to the Crimea and back on a motorcycle. Now I am more and more fond of what I call jogging travel. For them, I even allocated a whole section on this site.

Traveling is what I like to do and I try to devote all my free time to it. Discovering the world around you, you make your inner world more interesting and richer! Books, articles, stories also help with this, but they will never give the opportunity to see the world with your own eyes and feel it with your whole body. I want to share my experience with you, dear reader! Perhaps it will come in handy on your way!


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