1. About the author

Eugene Glushaev, in the travels my name is Jack. I’m a Traveler.

I am 31 years old, was born in the city of Kirov. Height 180, weight about 75.

He graduated from the University in Informatics in Economics. I worked as a security guard, a photographer in the magazine, IT specialist, educator, tourist Instructor, Work at high altitude. I went to a dozen hikes, hitchhiking and visited a couple of international travel. Now I’m preparing to travel without transport across Russia.

  1. Why and when did I start traveling?

I think since childhood from independent trips to the kindergarten, from the first trip to the sea, from the first tent camp, the first hitchhiking and the first hike.

I like to discover the world for myself, to make my inner world more spacious and interesting, filling it with all that I see and feel in the way. I cannot imagine my life without adventures, and in adventure travels every day not one by one, so I feel it’s mine!

Here, even an entire article wrote this question: https://vk.com/inway?w=wall-49512832_1722

  1. Where have you already visited?

1) Tent camp military-patriotic camp “Rescuer” in Kstinino 2006, 2007

2) Departure and climb to the top of the turkey 2008.

3) Trekking through the May South Urals and hitchhiking from Chelyabinsk to Kirov 2013

4) Hitchhiker from Kirov to the Black Sea. Krasnodar region 2013

5) Hike to the Carpathians. Ukraine January 2014

6) Hitch-hike from Kirov to Kazan and back 2014

7) Hitchhiking in the Crimea, Krasnodar Territory 2014

8) Baikal. Munch-Sardyk. The peak of love 2014

9) Hiking to the mountains of Adygea. 2015

10) Hitchhiker from Kirov to Indonesia and back 2014-2015

11) Independent Journey through India and Nepal

12) «Ultramaraphon Russia» cross-country 4050 km by Run

  1. Where do you get money?

I collect most of the money even before the trip. I’ve been working in industrial alpinism for several years now, which allows me to receive not bad money in a short time and not to bathe, that you will be fired, and there will be no work. Almost at any time you can cancel orders and go on the road.

On the way, it’s easy, the fellow travelers throw up money, most often on a bus or a taxi, with what, understanding that by a taxi and a bus, these funds will most likely not go. Sometimes I sell bracelets, money is not big, but they will not die of hunger. At the moment I am developing several ways to earn money on the road, the main criteria will be time and convenience in the way.

  1. Why do you travel alone?

Actually this is not true. I often meet people who become my companions for a certain part of the journey. And one I do not stay long, on the way every day you meet a lot of interesting people.

There are no permanent satellites because it is so much simpler, cheaper and more convenient. There is no need to search for compromises in choosing the route, the living conditions and the pile of heaps of everything, than the journeys are full of. In addition, traveling alone, you spend much more time communicating with people you meet. Traveling with a group, the lion’s share of communication is paid to the satellites.

  1. How do you find the words and where do you stop?

First of all, I travel with a tent. This allows you to stop even where there is no civilization. I do not like the city, they are the same everywhere.

Sometimes I use the service of couchsurfing, this is when you fit in for free from the same travelers around the world. In addition to free of charge, it should be noted that locals can suggest interesting places, holidays and ways to have a great time, and the guys on couchsurfing are usually not a bad experience. Very useful service, but not always there is an opportunity to use it in time, and in small towns it is completely unreal.

It happens that absolutely unknown people met you are invited to visit. This is the most pleasant and unpredictable. You are introduced to your family, friends, neighbors, traditions. Again, they can suggest a lot of interesting things. Naturally, this method is not planned, usually he himself changes your plans.

Also I stop in the temples. It is not so important what a temple of religion, if you are capable of respecting its traditions and laws, then you will also be treated. They will be sheltered, fed and discussed for a long time on any philosophical topic, certainly without going beyond certain limits.

  1. Why do you travel?

I was born not a tree. The main reason is that I like it. It gives pleasure and makes my life even happier. In Travels, you discover something new for yourself, new emotions, new impressions. Borders are widening, and not only territorial boundaries of communication, boundaries of the possible. Traveling the world, your own world becomes bigger and richer!

  1. How do you choose the route?

I have a lot of places that I already know about and where I would like to go. I relate the desire to the possibilities and choose the best option. Here a huge role is played by the case and mood. Sometimes you want extreme, sometimes quickly go through a certain area or, on the contrary, stay in a certain place.

Also, choosing a route, I look at what roads there are and if I can overcome them. It was not always so, but after the desert in China; I am more attentive and responsible to this attitude.

  1. What was the most vivid and memorable?

It is impossible to choose one thing, memories of a variety of cases, curiosities, adventures pop up in my head. There are so many of them and they are so different that they cannot be ranked. It’s like comparing two different people and choosing which one is better.

But still more memorable are those events where you either achieved special success, or, on the contrary, fell into the abyss and then got out of it.

  1. What do you take with you? Equipment.

Of course it’s a backpack. At what in each trip different. If not far, across Russia is 45 liters. In traveling to Indonesia, there was a huge 95-liter from the novations, simply because it was cheap and I traveled closer to winter with a bunch of warm things. India already had 60 liters, and it seemed to me a lot. Now for long and long trips I think the optimal is 50 liters.

Double tent. At first there was Novature, but weighed 3kg, now I got a Redox, which already 2kg and will withstand any rain and bad weather.

Tourist mat, not to lie on the cold ground. Well, for physical education or sit in nature.

Sleeping bag. The same, depending on the season, I have a few. In southern countries, this subject is not needed, except, of course, mountain snow-covered areas.

A pair of sets of clothes depending on the season. Sometimes I get on the road already and bring home more.

Documentation. A passport, a visa, a foreign passport, if abroad, I make a cover letter in order to have a more formal status and communicate more easily with officials. Also with a photo on the questionnaire and a few copies of the passport to do a visa.

All sorts of snacks and nishtyak(bonus), if there is a long way ahead, and there are few places along the way where they can be purchased.

First Aid Kit (Very simple) – plaster, aspirin, activated charcoal, bandage. Everything else is usually can be bought in all stores without problems, the same sparsely populated places, such as mountains.

  1. How to start traveling?
  2. A) You must read as many articles as possible about how other travelers started. The Internet is a great force and now there are dozens of such articles without problems.
  3. B) You must to start gradually. It is not necessary to buy a machete and go to the wild jungles of the Amazon or conquer Everest.

If you have money, you can jerk some country into a savage, having at least minimally studied the information about the country, its laws, traditions and difficulties with travelers.

If finances are not fire, then you can start with your city, region, country. Here to the aid of tourist clubs. After the Soviet times, there are not many of them left and they are already on the verge, but still they are and often organize campaigns at cost.

  1. What are you useful to the world?

The main criterion by which you are always evaluated, what are you useful. Many people think that travelers are idlers who simply have nothing to do, and therefore they are useless.

This is not true. Even if they do not pay for food and spending the night, they always share their emotions, energy, and stories. Silent, sullen and uninteresting avoid. Travelers create something like a holiday in the life of people who meet people, distract from everyday life and working routine. Somehow inspire and please. So it’s for sure.

In addition, I write diaries, describe my travels, share emotions, photos and videos, give advice, make some fennels, souvenirs, etc. Not everyone has the opportunity to travel, not everyone has experience, and someone is just glad to listen to interesting stories. I am useful to all these people, and it is always good to hear from them words of gratitude and to feel their support.

  1. When do you plan to stop, and what will you do next?

It’s like asking a surgeon or an artist when it’s over, and what he’ll do after that.

I really enjoy doing what I do. Yes, there are certain obstacles, difficulties, but where are they? The only question is how to overcome them.

Many people far from travel think that very many things are not compatible with this way of life. It seems to them that in order to live fully, it must necessarily stop. Find a job, start a family, raise children and wait for a pension. After all, they are used to one solution and do not see the options of others. And they do have a lot of such examples.

So, that I do not plan to stop and look for something else. Maybe this day will come, but the chance is the same as that of a surgeon or an artist.

  1. Which country do you like best?

Everyone, of course, has its pluses and minuses. But personally for me two stand out. This is Indonesia and Thailand. First of all, the climate, I really love the warmth and the sea, but these countries are in abundance. In addition, they are very friendly and hospitable, a lot of fruits that I love so much, so inexpensive! Mountains, jungles, volcanoes, surfing – it’s not difficult to find adventures!

  1. How do parents relate to your travels?

It’s good. I have to endure my hobbies and they are good at it. From time to time I call up and write off, when there is such an opportunity, I bring souvenirs. Sometimes worried, but where without it, I myself am scared)

  1. Why are you so often confronted with the police?

My way of life, like many travelers, does not fall into the canons of ordinary, normal, familiar. Therefore, my person often attracts special attention to the guardian of order and tranquility.

Sometimes, of course, I’m out of ignorance somewhere. It is impossible to know and fulfill all the laws of the world. You can, of course, try to strive for this. But there are absolutely idiotic laws, however, rarely.

In many countries, the police take great care to ensure that the foreigners are doing well. It happens to be too helpful, and they are looking for something and how to help you. Not always it is good, there is also a minus of excessive attention. You spend more time explaining, and sometimes even giving up certain “benefits” that you do not need now.

Often happens, and I’m looking for a meeting, because there are very useful “benefits”. Find the right way, ask for help, etc. For example, in China, the police will easily find you a place to sleep in the most extreme situation.

  1. What do you recommend to beginning travelers?

1) Use the experience of others. In any case, where you are a beginner this is very useful.

2) Think with your head. Do not rely 100% on the words of other people. Analyze and compare and find the best ways.

3) Take the first step. For many, this is the most difficult. It is often impossible, even for the whole life, and do not dare to do it, putting it on farther and farther, deceiving oneself.

4) Share. Any experience will be useful and interesting to others, travelers and just close ones. Yes, and a pleasant thing is to share.

5) Do not give up on the little things. The world is not perfect, you need to try again and again, if you really want something, otherwise you can miss opportunities

  1. Where do you most want to go?

Now I really want to South America, by all countries. In South America, many countries are visa-free, or very easy to obtain a visa. Stunning people, nature, landscapes. There is where to go and what to see, what to try.

But before that I really, really want to see the Native country and I already have such an opportunity.

  1. Why are you hitchhiking?

It is so cheaper and closer to the local population. In general, hitchhiking for me is something like a whole philosophy. You break into the lives of travelers, you overcome a certain path with them, sometimes even some obstacles. Share your stories, thoughts, experiences and get a new look at things, new stories. As if every time you open a new book for a short while and in turn open up part of your life. This is much more interesting than a train compartment or an airplane or bus chair.

  1. Is it scary?

No. I have a wonderful life, for which I had time to see and try a lot. Some say that it would be enough for a few lives. Besides what are they afraid of? The risk is not much higher than, if only, sit in one place, only he is more conscious.

  1. Where do you wash yourself?

Yes, where you have to. This is not in principle a problem. Refueling, random hotels, and on rivers and lakes. Water like in abundance everywhere on the planet, well, in the deserts, perhaps, less.

  1. What conflict situations do you have on the way?

They are very rare. Perhaps there are more conflicts at home. People are not inclined to clash with unknown people, with rare exceptions.

Here in India, it so happened that I was left without equipment through the fault of a man whom I already met there. But here, probably, not even a conflict, but just complexity.

  1. How do you arrange a visa?

Like all. Either personally I collect all necessary documents and submit them to the consulate or use the services of agencies when it is more profitable, for example, if there is no time for dialogue with the consulate.

In other countries, I find all the necessary information on the Internet, including addresses of consulates, visa centers and necessary documents. Prepared, printed, brought, received, paid – everything is simple.

  1. Why did you start traveling from Asia?

Asia is a very inexpensive and contrasting part of the world. In addition, many countries in Asia do not require visas. Asians are very hospitable to all foreigners. Also in Asia, everyone will find something of their own – someone in the mountains, someone to the sea. Very many choose to start it Asia and therefore the Internet is full of a variety of useful information and especially for beginners.

  1. What do you eat in other countries?

I eat everything, too, what the locals eat. I like to try new things. It’s not always pleasant, not always tasty, but always interesting! Sometimes it happens, and it’s dangerous, there are poisonings, but all this can be experienced! And the food of different countries is so diverse and interesting that I want to try everything, especially when you are treated and people like to treat, especially foreigners!

  1. What are your plans for the future?

In April 2017 I go to Vladivostok, from where I will begin the journey through the whole country to the west. The main feature is to overcome this distance without using any modes of transport, i.e. running, walking, crawling, etc.

After that, one way or another, I’ll go to the world tour. And I really want to go to South America.